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Conservatory Cleaning In Cambridge and Newmarket

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With the warmer weather approaching many people start spending more time in their gardens to enjoy those summer days and nights (bbq, a few drinks and socialising), and this may also include having your friends and family over. I’m sure by now you have cut your grass, tidied borders and given the general area a tidy up you may have even purchased a new BBQ or garden furniture in anticipation of the warmer weather and all it has to offer, and it’s when you may know certain parts of your property need a bit of a clean and in this case we are talking about conservatory cleaning.

Over the wet and cold winter months, your conservatory has to face all of the elements and what mother nature has to throw at it, and depending which direction your property faces it may be less or more. Most conservatories are made from a plethora of materials which include panels, uPVC frames, glass and much more. Unfotunently during the winter months and even in the summer, the general dust, rain and organic matter can soon discolor and if left potentially damage your conservatory over time. We offer conservatory cleaning in both Cambridge and Newmarket, our approach uses low pressure, doesn’t damage your property and can remove any type of built-up dirt, grime and even kill of organic matter such as moss, algae, lichen, black mold, mildew and much more whilst leaving your conservatory clean, sparkling and protected. Our services are available thorough Cambridgeshire and Suffolk.

Most people don’t want or can’t clean their own conservatories, you need to be able to access high up and sometimes awkward parts of the roof. Traditional conservatory cleaning methods have involved using pressure washing and ladders etc, whilst this approach does generally work to some extent it isn’t without its potential pitfalls. Such pitfalls can include unwanted damage, the risk of ingress water internally and not dealing with organic infections properly. Your conservatory is an expensive addition to your home and it’s important that when cleaning care and consideration are taken to avoid the aforementioned and ensure a long-lasting clean is done.

Our approach isn’t to use high pressure or ladders, no instead we use a process called ‘soft washing’ that uses specially formulated solutions that are created depending on the exterior surface that needs cleaning then delivered via low pressure pumps to either a soft brush, jet or a combination of both depending on how much cleaning and access is required. The soft washing approach will remove all built-up stains, won’t damage anything and kill off organic infections which means your conservatory cleaning will last much longer compared to traditional methods. We work from the ground level using adjustable poles to access high up areas and those that even on a ladder can be difficult to reach.

As you can see there is a much more modern, efficient and cost-effective approach to conservatory cleaning than using ladders etc, when it comes to cleaning the glass we use pure water which is also delivered at low pressure, via super soft brush heads and this will leave your conservatory windows sparkling with a rich deep shine. In fact, we use pure water to clean windows and this is known as reach and wash cleaning, it allows us to work safely at ground level and not use ladders.

In addition to conservatory cleaning we can also clean virtually any exterior surface you may have with our ‘soft washing’ technology, the same low pressure, non-damaging and longer-lasting clean also applies. An example of the exterior surfaces we can clean include but aren’t limited to are: roofs, paths, driveways, patios, fascia, gutters, cladding, block paving and much more. When it comes to cleaning gutters we have a gutter vacuum, this also allows us to work safely at ground level, with a camera attached we can see exactly how clean your gutters are.

If you have a conservatory that needs cleaning no matter the size or shape then we can help you, and to find out more about our conservatory cleaning please visit our website, our customer service team will be happy to help you.

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