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Welcome to the Cambridge Soft Wash blog, we are a window and exterior cleaning company based in Cambridge who uses modern techniques that are efficient, safer and cost-effective to you as a customer. Additionally, our website allows you to create an account, add your property and then choose a service you would like us to provide to you. You can then manage your service and property details online, this also includes making a payment online and viewing associated invoices etc, our websites are mobile friendly which means you can access them from anywhere 24/7/365 as you wish. We will make regular posts on this blog detailing our work, new services and helpful advice for our customers so stay tuned!

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Modern, efficient and cost-effective cleaning services

We primarily focus on reach and wash cleaning window cleaning, this is a much safer and cost-effective way to clean all types of windows and even those really high up whilst working at ground level. Our reach and wash window cleaning are available to both domestic and commercial customers in Cambridge and surrounding areas, it works by using pure filtered water that is stored in our vehicle, then pumped up to a super soft brush head at the top of a high reach pole. Gone are the days of cleaning with a bucket, your windows are cleaned with clean water each time and part of our service is to also clean the frames and sills, once dried your windows will have a rich deep shine.

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Soft washing is a modern, non-damaging and cost-effective alternative to traditional pressure washing

Window cleaning via reach and wash is a great way to clean your windows, but it’s not the only exterior cleaning we can provide. In fact, we can clean virtually any exterior surface and wide-ranging types of materials also, for this we use a cleaning process known as ‘soft washing’. Soft washing is a non-damaging and safe way to clean exterior surfaces and it’s capable of removing built-up dirt, staining and organic matter such as moss, black mold, algae, lichen and more. Soft washing is a great way to clean surfaces and because of the way it works, it will provide you with a much longer lasting clean as well.

Concrete cleaning cambridge cambridgeshire

Traditional pressure washing does clean surfaces but you can run the risk even if it’s small of damaging the exterior surface you are trying to clean, fortunately, this isn’t a problem for soft wash cleaning. Instead soft washing uses the power of science via specifically created soft wash solution blends that are made depending on the exterior surface you are trying to clean, so instead of literally blasting away built-up dirt etc it gets to the root of the problem which is much needed for organic infections such as moss, algae, black mold and more.

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Pressure washing will leave a surface looking clean but unless it’s treated properly e.g. soft washing organic infections will return and sometimes can be worse than before, it’s definitely something worth considering. Like reach and wash window cleaning, we can clean both residential and commercial property exterior surfaces by soft washing them, hard to reach area aren’t an issue either and we even have an inspection camera for roofing and gutters.

Solar panel cleaning cambridge cambridgeshire

Virtually any exterior surface can be cleaned with longer-lasting results

The types of exterior surfaces we can clean are but not limited to: roofing, gutters, driveways, cladding, fascia, block paving, concrete, wood, patios, solar panels, render, porches, canopies and much more. Our guttering cleaning services use a gutter vacuum, this allows us to safely work at ground level and we can also inspect your gutters using a special camera we have as it’s important a thorough job is carried out.

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If you’re looking for a professional company who can clean both windows and a virtually any exterior surfaces please consider us, we are fully insured and have all of the equipment necessary to complete your job. To request a free quote, please speak to our customer services team who will be happy to help you by clicking here.

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