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Window Cleaners In Trumpington and Histon

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We are pleased to announce that our commercial and residential window cleaning services are now also available in the areas of Trumpington and Histon in Cambridge, these are popular areas of Cambridge and have quite a large a diverse range of buildings both old and new. Our team of professional window cleaners uses modern, efficient and cost-effective window cleaning techniques which don’t include ladders that can be noisy, unsafe and pose a potential risk of damage to your property when used (traditional methods are slow in comparison).

Instead of using the traditional method ladders with a bucket etc, instead we use what is known as reach and wash cleaning and this is service we offer throughout Cambridge. This window cleaning process uses high reach poles, combined with soft brushes and fresh pure filtered water that is delivered at low pressure. This type of cleaning is as mentioned above efficient, much safer and allows us to reach virtually any type of window whether it’s really high up or the first floor all whilst working safely at ground level, we can easily reach up to three-story buildings which include balconies, such heights can be unsafe for ladder work and difficult to sometimes access because of that.

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Once we clean your windows they will dry naturally, once dried your windows will have a deep shine. In addition to cleaning the glass we also clean the window frames and sills, this is all included in our service and really makes your property look great, furthermore it helps to prolong the life of uPVC windows and seals as over time they can deteriorate and become stained.

Our websites allow you to add and manage your property along with being notified when we have completed your window cleaning or any other exterior cleaning service you may have also booked, you can then log in and make a payment for the complete job so there is no leaving money around and we believe this is important as it makes yours and our lives easier. We don’t just offer window cleaning either, we use a cleaning method called ‘soft washing’ and this is suitable for pretty much any exterior surface whether that’s cladding, roofing, driveways, paths, patios or wood etc we can clean it all without using pressure washing (which can damage surfaces) and it will stay cleaner for longer.

If you are looking for a company that offers a professional, modern and cost-effective approach please consider us, to find out more about our window cleaning service available in both the Trumpington and Histon areas please click here and our customer service team will be happy to help you.

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